The best way to research and apply to Universities confidently. Say goodbye to college application stress and anxiety.

Our Story

Ryusei founded Reach Best at 17 in order to help his friends and himself be better prepared to apply to Universities. Applying during the COVID-19 pandemic as an international student from Tokyo, he realized there was a huge problem of transparency and uncertainty with college admissions systems. So, in July 2020, he built the first algorithms to predict chances of admission to reduce students’ anxiety with University applications, setting the foundation for our mission to build AI for students.

In May 2023, we expanded our product line to support high schools establish AI-powered University placement programs. After a series of pilots, we realized that schools and formal education institutions are the best way to bring AI into the hands of students, so we decided to launch our School App. We see schools as one of the vital components for advancing the standardization of AI-assisted Education.

We envision a future where students can absorb centuries’ worth of knowledge with a click of a button. We envision a future where humans no longer go to school to memorize and re-learn past generations’ knowledge, but rather to dream and pioneer new frontiers of understanding from day one.

Meet the team

Visionaries, tech geniuses, hustle heroes, and, above all, natural helpers.

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What we believe

We admire people who change the world.


Grow into your Best-self

We believe people have unlimited potential, and we are obsessed with infinite growth.


Think big

We believe in the impossible, and we always strive for the highest merit in everything we do.


Accomplish a lot in little time

We value results above anything else, and we always find hacks to get more work done with less.


Love what you do

We connect our passions & side projects with our work in order to perform at our best.


Do what’s right instinctively

We trust our intuitions to guide our judgment as we rejoice the present and go after our dreams.


Achieve social impact and profit

We value social impact and profit equally high and we don’t compromise one for the other.

Backed by incredible people

We are fortunate to work with remarkable leaders who’ve helped shape industries.

Kazutaka Yoshinaga's picture

Kazutaka Yoshinaga

Lead Angel Investor

Founder of Flixy (Acquired by JMDC)

Dr. Ken Sell's picture

Dr. Ken Sell

Schools & Psychopedagogy Advisor

Aoba IES Board Advisor & Former Head of School

Jorge H. Best's picture

Jorge H. Best

Technology & Business Advisor

COO at Nexusmind & Former SVP at Softtek

Alan Best's picture

Alan Best

Sales & Business Advisor

Co-founder of HOKO! SalesMatch & BIOOrganizaciones

Our Milestones


Launched School App

May 26, 2023


Introducing Reach Best

Oct 1, 2022


Reach Best + Berkeley SkyDeck

May 4, 2022