Preparing for and choosing a university can be a time-consuming process, and as high school students, it’s important to start considering our options early. Although some may feel that it’s premature to think about university before their senior year, same as all the other college admissions experts, we recommend starting serious reflection as early as grade 10 or 11. This allows for ample time to research universities, consider options, and make informed decisions about the future. By starting the process early, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and set yourself up for success in the University application process and beyond.

In our research “What’s difficult about creating a list of Universities? A case study of 12 students” we found out that students take on average 12 months creating their lists of universities. However, the processes can be longer and more complex, due to intrinsic and extrinsic changes in students. In that sense, starting early with the process is crucial because it provides ample time for research, decision-making, and planning. Additionally, starting the process early can reduce stress and anxiety associated with the university application process, because it allows you to ensure that you plan ahead for meeting application deadlines and have enough time to complete required tests and application materials.

At Reach Best we understand that starting to think about your university future can be overwhelming due to various academic, family, and social factors. Academically, you may feel pressured to maintain a high GPA, complete standardized tests, and participate in extracurricular activities to make you more competitive candidates for Universities. Family factors such as financial limitations, cultural expectations, and pressure to attend a certain University can also contribute to stress and confusion. Social factors such as peer pressure and fear of missing out on other experiences can also add to the stress of choosing a University.

One of the main objectives of Reach Best is to provide students with the necessary tools so that these stress factors disappear or decrease as much as possible. Our products are designed to equip students with tools that simplify research and decision making processes. In the end, you know what’s the best decision for you, and we want to help get to that decision faster with our technologies.  

In conclusion, it’s a fact that the process of preparing for and choosing a University can be daunting for high school students due to academic, family, and social factors. This is why it’s crucial to start early with the process, ideally in grade 10 or 11, to allow ample time for research, decision-making, and planning. Starting early can reduce stress and anxiety associated with the University application process and ensure that you complete required tests, coursework and application materials so you can meet the deadlines. Reach Best understands the challenges students like yourself face and we are on a mission to provide you with AI tools to simplify your research and decision-making processes. Ultimately, we want to empower you and all the other students to take control of your futures and forge your own University pathway.