We used Reach Best’s University Decision Modeling tool to see how students admitted in Fall 2021, chose between Tufts University and UC Berkeley. By comparing a ratio called the Cross-Yield Ranking (yield rate divided by acceptance rate), we modeled what students chose when they were admitted to both Tufts and Berkeley.

We found that 60% chose Tufts and 40% chose Berkeley (from our tests, percentages could be off by about 1 percentage points).

An important disclaimer is that these percentages are general, not broken down by major, country of origin, school, etc, so you should be careful in how you interpret the results. For instance, if you are a very liberal person, you should probably attend UC Berkeley over Tufts despite the majority choosing Tufts. Make a decision that fits with who you are and what you want out of your University.

You can try it out here: https://app.reachbest.co/signup