We have officially released a new AI prototype called ECL Bot that can predict your admission chances with extracurricular activities. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), topic modelling and a supervised regression model, which is by far the most advanced Machine Learning application we’ve ever seen in the Education Technology space.

A funny thing we ran into while testing the model was that if you type in “Sleeping with admission officers”, it predicts a 42% chance of acceptance for a University like UC Berkeley, which is higher than the 28% chance for “Interning at a [top technology company] during high school”. ECL Bot went viral on Reddit on August 30th, so much that the site crashed 3 times in the span of 48 hours! We are constantly improving the various AI prototypes that we’ve built, and we look forward to integrating them into our Student App and School App.

Check it out here: https://ecl-bot.streamlit.app/