At Reach Best we have a particular perspective for the educational models of the future. We believe that by building new AI platforms, we can reshape the way we understand schools. Learning processes can be more effective and deeper through the use of these new technologies. AI can provide personalized learning experiences for students, automate administrative tasks for teachers and administrators, eliminate repetitive and unnecessary assignments for students, among many others. It is important to mention that we have a philosophy called “self-directed initiative” which tells us that only the student can give answers to himself. We, nor anyone else, possess the absolute truth. For this reason, we want to provide students with the best tools so that they can build their academic path with their own hands.

At Reach Best we have started the path towards the future; towards the revolution of the classroom. Therefore, in this blog we will present the Artificial Intelligence tools that we already offer to high school and University students. 

According to our research “What’s difficult about creating a list of Universities? A case study of 12 students”, students take an average time of 12 months creating a final list of Universities. What would you say if we told you that we can reduce that time to 5 minutes?  You probably have a hard time believing it, but in fact, the Reach Best App manages to do it by the use of Machine Learning algorithms. Broadly speaking, the application learns your preferences and possibilities and makes a comparison with Universities all around the world, in order to give you personalized recommendations. It uses synced information from official sources such as The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, The Common Application and Quacquarelli Symonds University Rankings, as well as our own best-fit University data system. The AI creates a student vector using the information you provided which it will then use to find the most similar University vector: your best-fit University. The more feedback you give to the app, the better results you will have. Also, it has centralized information about Universities all around the globe, so students don’t have to waste time doing tedious research on the internet. 

Also, we launched a tool called AI Essay Review that highlights redundancy in your essays, gives it a score and offers commentary on how to improve them. Today, it is a human-in-the-loop system where a Reach Best advisor manually checks all the input generated by our AI before sending it to the student. Moving forward we will use the essays that our community has provided us to further perfect the AI, so that students can get their feedback instantly. 

There is still a long way to go. We have ambitious plans to create more powerful tools, using technologies like deep learning and language models, so that students can have amazing possibilities at their fingertips to revolutionize the field of education. Empowering students to take charge of their academic journeys is a core belief of Reach Best, and we strive to offer the best tools to achieve this goal.